About Me

Why am I such a passionate voice for Traumatic Brain Injury survivors?
Because when I sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury there was so little information and help available.

I already felt lost, confused, overwhelmed, and alone; and the lack of understanding and support added more suffering to how hopelessly impossible it all felt.

Since then, it has become my mission to help people living with brain injuries (and those who care about them) cut through the confusion, and discover clarity, community, and calm, so that their brains can function better and they can regain hope and live a happier life.

My second mission is to raise awareness of this often invisible and always devastating disability, so that we can bring more understanding and support to the 2.8 million individuals and their families experiencing this heart wrenching tragedy every year.

image2It takes all of our voices, so I am a connector, collaborator, and educator; broadcasting not only my ideas, but also those of cutting edge researchers and healers that I trust.

I offer tools, resources, and support to individuals and groups. I have enjoyed teaching workshops, appearing on radio and TV shows both locally and nationally, speaking at conferences and TED-like inspirational speaker events, and being a Keynote Speaker.

Now really who am I?….

I sure didn’t started out to be a Traumatic Brain Injury Coach.

In fact 6 years ago, I didn’t know much about traumatic brain injury, or TBI for short… until life surprised me with one.

image3A massive storm came during my first sailing lesson in 2010, and literally turned my world upside down.

I went from having a successful practice working with respected medical professionals in an Integrative Medicine clinic, to barely being able to open my eyes or get off my couch.

I went from having my life on track to achieve my goals to having no idea what my goals were.image4

If I could get three meals in a day that was a good day.

I went from being excited about my future to feeling hopeless, helpless, and filled with despair.

If you live with a TBI, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So what did I do? I lived inside the questions everyone with a brain injury should live in.

The question is not “Why?”, as in “Why did this happen to me?”.
That question only leads to feeling more hopeless and victimized.

The questions that lead to empowerment are “How” questions.

I lived inside these questions:
“How do I get my brain function back?”
“How can I create a life worth living with what I have left?” and “How do I accept this?”.

As a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, I have helped hundreds of people heal physical, emotional, and mental challenges.

I used the principles of neuroplasticity in my profession everyday to help people re-wire their brains. I knew the brain was changeable.

I had seen many miraculous transformations occur.

So when my doctors told me I would never heal, I refused to believe that.
I chose to believe that anything is possible, and that if anyone was equipped to do this, I was. Everything in my life had led me to this.
My brain injury has put everything I know to the ultimate test.

Brain injury challenges every human realm:
physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

It has not been easy. In fact, it has been incredibly hard. Harder than anyone who has not experienced a brain injury can ever imagine.

In my 20’s, I had intentionally exercised my “courage muscles” to build more strength and resilience.  If I was afraid of something, I did that.

I worked with at-risk youth in the most crime ridden parts of the country.
I backpacked in Alaska for six months.
I found the largest concentration of grizzly bears in the world, and learned to stalk grizzlies. (OK, that was a bit crazy!)
I climbed mountains in Yosemite.
I gave birth to two children at home.
I helped nearly 50 babies come into the world.
I even did everyone’s biggest fear, public speaking.

None of that came close to the terror of acquiring a brain injury.

Suddenly I was unable to tolerate any light or motion.  I spent many months unable to open my eyes or move my head.  My own vision made me so nauseas and delirious, I wished for blindness.

I was left to navigate the world unable to read, unable to drive, walk very far or take a bus, completely confused, unable to tell where my body was, and having to take care of myself …. and my child.

I was told this would never get better. Now, that, is constant sheer terror.

image5As a hypnotherapist, I had been really good at helping people heal anxiety and trauma.  Now I was living with daily trauma and anxiety out the roof.

I struggled to find information, medical, and legal help that understood traumatic brain injury. It was a frustrating, overwhelming, and an incredibly difficult journey…. filled with dead ends. I got nowhere with the medical system.

My problem was that I looked too good.

Despite my scrambled brain, I knew there was some divine purpose in all this. I trust that there is a ultimately a good purpose in everything, even though we can’t see it at the time.

Deep down, I knew that I would figure this out and help others going through this.

I was well-connected in the complementary medicine field and sought out healers across countless disciplines.

I learned so much, I began recording my journey to help the 2.8 million people a year coming up behind me on this road.

I started a blog, http://nathaliesnoggin.blogspot.com/ to share my story.

I started writing a book, Brainstormed: How I Lost My Mind and Found My Heart (still in progress)


and creating videos on YouTube


It took me six years to unscramble my visual processing enough to begin to get these out to the world.

Let me be clear here, I am not a doctor, I am not a nurse.  In fact I am not a medical professional in any way shape or form. I’m not here to offer medical advice.

Here’s what I am:

image6I’m like the mini-Oprah of the TBI community. Someone who interviews the experts and brings their expertise to the public. Someone who puts together useful information on my website where every person has access to it. Someone who leads by example and the wisdom of experience.

I am also a Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Life Transformation Coach, here to guide you, coach, you, and support you on your journey.

I have many tools in my toolbox to help you find greater acceptance, peace, and forgiveness.

I use the things I knew before my TBI: Guided Relaxation, Emotional Freedom Technique, Brain Gym, Hypnosis, Nutrition, Meditation, and common image7sense.

I use the things I learned since my TBI: deep compassion, understanding the intense struggles someone with a brain injury faces, and countless resources and modalities that help heal the brain.

Most of all, I am your biggest cheerleader!
And I am super-grateful you are here!

Your friend in wellness,


Board Certified Hypnotherapist (since 1996)
Certified Life Transformation Coach (since 2010)
Stress Management & Meditation Teacher (since 1996)
Healthcare Advocate (since 1988)




Nathalie Kelly is a passionate nature lover, free thinker, writer, teacher, mother, rule breaker and lover of life. She can usually be found walking barefoot on a beach with sand between her toes and seeking out deliriously fragrant flowers, and enjoying the glorious colors of planet Earth. She lives to enjoy this planet, and discover how much magic each day can bring.