• Collecting Gems

    It is so very hard to lose one’s independence at any age. No one ever thinks it will happen to them. Not being able to walk much, drive, or take a bus, I am pretty stuck. I honestly have […]

  • I’ve Been Diagnosed With…

    One of the stranger challenges of living with a brain injury, that no one talks about, because no one can identify it, is that we become a complete mystery to ourselves. So much is wrong with us, it is […]

  • Brain Plasticity in Real Life

    In order to grow new neuro-connections, we have to do the things that are hard. We have to stretch into the uncomfortable places. Our brains want to automatically take the familiar road. But the easy path is not how […]

  • I’m Celebrating my Fifth Re-Birthday and Sharing my Gifts with You!

    Gift Number One: Slowing down. I am a snail in an SUV world. As a snail, I am closer to the rhythms of nature, and the rhythms of my own body. A snail doesn’t experience as many things, but […]