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Irlen Overlays have been a game changer in helping me be able to read again. If you are having difficulty with reading, watch my “Irlen Overlays” and “Reading” videos and try these. They are great in their simplicity!

These lemon-flavored fish oils are a high-quality fish oil (important to limit heavy metal and toxins) that don’t taste fishy. HIgh doses are shown to be a significant help with TBI. Here is the dosage protocol.

Why Isn’t My Brain Working? This is an amazing resource from a Neurologic Chiropractor on the nutritional and chemical aspect of acheiving optimal brain function.

The Brain’s Way of Healing” This is a great exploration of neuroplasticity and the many tools to heal the brain.

Ghost In My Brain”  An amazing story of a professor of artificial intelligence who logs his experience of a brain injury and his remarkable bounce back.

Coping with Concussion and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury”  A fantastic resource written by neuropsychologist and mTBI survivor who has been helping others with mTBI for many years and has a wealth of tools and strategies.