Understanding Fatigue

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Understanding Fatigue
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  • Kay Reardon

    Hi again Nathalie, thanks for responding so quickly to my previous comment. You are such an inspiration. I live in Australia, not far from Melbourne in the state of Victoria. I have just watched "The Long term effects of Concussion". Who is the man being interviewed and his field of expertise? Brilliant interview.... I would like to share this with my doctor and my solicitor. He is describing me exactly!!!!! I was 9 months before I saw a neurologist who diagnosed post concussion syndrome. Another 2 months before I saw a neuro psychologist who diagnosed moderate (lower end) ABI. And so on. I was 58 when the accident, work related so I am on work cover, I am now 60 and nowhere near my pre injury functioning. It inspires me to keep on fighting the "system" of compensation and work cover. This video validates exactly what is happening to me. Thank you for what you are doing.